Stop Maxing Out Your Cards With These Shopping Tips

Dec 26, 2015

When did wanting to look good and presentable became an obsession which led to being so in debt you now have to sacrifice your rugs? Well, you can easily blame society and the lust we feel over perfectly pictured products that seem to scream success, pleasure and fun, but we are to blame as well. Here are the reasons why we overspend, and how to finally put an end to it.

  1. Bad habits

    As latinas, we know we’re fiery and emotional. But letting our emotions sign our credit card receipts is mistake number one. We shop when we break up with our partners, when we get a promotion, when we feel depressed. The question is, when do we NOT shop? Buy with your brain not your heart. Ask yourself if you really need that product and if this isn’t just an impulse buy. Then, get away from the register.

  2. Lies

    We tell ourselves little white lies, like ‘we haven’t bought anything nice in ages’, or ‘we deserve this incredible meal that costs as much as half my rent’ because in this hedonistic culture, pampering is a sign of self love, and is highly encouraged. Yes, you probably deserve those things, but if you can’t afford it, then have a sandwich instead. Have the money first, then purchase the goods.

  3. Pleaser much?

    You don’t have to please anyone if your budget doesn’t allow you to do so. If you invited a large group of guests and you are barely making ends meet, then don’t pay for the entire meal. Talk to your friends and before making an event, explain that each person has to contribute with dinner, or you can do the shopping and split the bill.

  4. Living the high life

    Don’t go into debt just because you found really good deals on high heel shoes. Just because an expensive brand is having a major sale does not mean those products should be in your possession. Do you wear heels all the time? How many pairs do you own? How much would you actually use them? Is it a timeless purchase, meaning, it will be easy to wear or enjoy such product 4 years from now?

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