Day 5: Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Dec 5, 2015
pamper yourself

Pamper yourself with flowers! We live in an era where you don’t need to feel guilty about loving and pampering the one person that has always had your back … you! You know you can be your harshest critic, and life’s pesky little setbacks should not be a reason to stop treating yourself. You are healthier when you pamper yourself just because you deserve it, which is a good enough reason to do it! And self-love doesn’t always mean ‘going to the spa’, (but do buy those shoes, girl!) Simply remind yourself that you are amazing. You can buy yourself those gorgeous flowers, and you don’t have to go to spinning classes unless you feel like it. Love your body, your mind, but most importantly, yourself.

This article is part of the “25 Days of Giving”  series that began on December 1st, 2015. To see the full list of inspirational thoughts, please click here.

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