Hispanic Gastronomy Present At Our Holiday Table

Dec 12, 2015
latin american food

It wouldn’t be a merry Christmas without the spicy, sizzling, delicate touch of Latin American food at the table. If there’s one thing we know how to do as Latinos is eat and cook! And if you’re looking to mix and match new Spanish dishes from Latin America and have a gastronomic adventure, then why not give any of these holiday recipes a shot?

  1. Panettone or Fruitcake

    We can thank Italian immigrants who first brought this Latin fruitcake to South America ages ago, and is now one of the main desserts at the dessert table. You can pair it up with cider, champagne or hot chocolate.

  2. Lechón Asado

    God forbid you are a Latin vegan, because you know that would probably break your abuela’s heart, but for the rest of the meat eating world, nothing screams ‘Festivities’ like a meat extravaganza sitting on top of the table. Roasted pig, or lechón asado is the Latin American food equivalent of Turkey on Thanksgiving. It’s simply a delicious must!

  3. Arroz con leche

    We all had that one uncle we wanted to visit as children because he always had rice pudding, or arroz con leche in the fridge. Every recipe is different, but the base is always the same. It’s sweet, fulfilling and with a touch of cinnamon you will probably cheer for the entire year to come.

  4. Hallacas

    The Venezuelan version of tamales are a must have at any traditional Latin table this Christmas. They look like small bundles that are wrapped in plátano leaves. The yellow cornmeal dough wraps an assortment of fillings like meat, chicken, pork, raisins and olives.

  5. Pan de Jamón

    One of the best holiday recipes that adults and children will love, pan de jamon, is a delicious bread based Christmas bread filled with ham, green olives, fried bacon, raisins, and red or green pepper. Yum!

  6. Buñuelos or picarones

    The first is a traditional Christmas dish which is best served with cinnamon on top of natillas, and acts as a snack which you can have anytime you feel like it. Picarones, more of a Peruvian and Chilean dish, is a sweet potato or pumpkin based dish that is best served with a hot cup of coffee. You know, because you need dessert to digest the Christmas feast you just had.

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