Holiday Traditions: Posadas Mexicanas

Dec 5, 2015
las posadas

Mexicans get ready for their own festivity, the traditional Las Posadas,  while the rest of the world is preparing for the Holiday season. You know how in America we have the 12 days of Christmas? Mexicans have 9 days of Christmas, right before the very day we all celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. From December 16th to Christmas Eve, Mexican households pay tribute to remember The Virgin Mary’s 9-month pilgrimage, celebrating one day for every month she was pregnant. And we couldn’t be more excited about this Mexican holiday!

Throughout the centuries, Las Posadas have become part of Mexico’s Holiday season celebrations, which start with solemn pilgrimage journeys with candles lit while singing Christmas Carols. The Posadas end on Christmas Eve with a small dinner accompanied by many traditional fruits — oranges, apples, tangerines and the local guayabas — that have a plentiful harvest at this time of the year. In fact, thanks to the record sales in produce during the holiday season, Mexican economy usually blooms in December.

Every year, artisans create very colorful piñatas, made of clay and mud. The Piñatas are a symbol of the devil. Each of them has 7 horns, which represent the 7 capital sins. Piñatas are stuffed with candy, which represent the many blessings God has for those who have fought against Satan and were victorious. So when children beat up the piñata until it bursts open, the candy is their reward for fighting against evil.

This Las Posadas tradition has trickled down to some South American cultures, but it is originally Mexican. The next time you find yourself in Mexico for Christmas, make sure to enjoy in and celebrate one of the most beautiful Mexican holidays!

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