Party All Night? No Worries, Say Good-Bye To Hangovers

Dec 11, 2015
hangover cure

If you’re reading this to find a hangover cure, either you’ve been there already or right now your head is pounding so hard even the softest sound feels like a loud bang in your ear drum. The last thing you remember from the evening before was when someone asked: “Would you like another cocktail?” You, dear friend, know what we are talking about.

The good news: Here’s what not to do and the ultimate hangover cure. First of all, many people usually think that one of the best hangover cures is ingesting…more alcohol! It might sound like a smart thought at the time, but it’s actually a terrible idea. In case you didn’t know, the reason why your body feels like you just got hit by a speeding train is because all the alcohol you had last night dehydrated you! That being said, more booze will only add to the dehydration. Therefore, rather than prolonging the pain, go for anything non-alcoholic. Your body will appreciate it.

Second, Alka-seltzer, that famous medicine everyone thinks is the ultimate hangover cure, is no more than a very short-term aid for your queasiness. Drink it only if you must, but remember: mix it up with other beverages and you might end up with an irritated stomach.

Third, forget the pills. Although the whole pharmaceutical market goes by the motto “a pill for every ill”, this is one case where an aspirin will make no difference at all. If you can, go for the most natural hangover cure of them all — sleeping it off and rehydrating with plenty of water. Let your body fully recover.

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