The Cutest 10 Babies Of 2015 From Our Favorite Celebs

Dec 23, 2015

There isn’t anything more tender and touching than a baby’s smile. And if you add that to the fact that they have a super famous parent, then everyone also wants to know every detail, from due dates to “firsts”.

These are some of the most talked about babies of 2015:

  • Sasha Piqué Mebarak - January 29

    IG / Gerard Piqué

    The second son of the couple formed by soccer star Gerard Piqué and singer Shakira was born on January 29th. On this same date, three famous divas also celebrate their birthdays: Oprah Winfrey, Susana Gimenez and Cristina Saralegui.

    Will small Sacha’s career be geared towards communications?

  • Giulietta Martínez Gámez - May 5

    IG / Ana Patricia

    The daughter of Ana Patricia Gámez, the popular host of Univision’s morning show Despierta America has such a resemblance to an asian baby that she calls her “Hemoshina”, a compound word resulting from crossing “Hermosa” (beautiful) and “China” (Chinese girl).

  • Mateo Messi Roccuzzo - September 11

    IG / Leo Messi

    Soccer megastar Leonardo Messi and his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo welcomed their second son on September 11, just in time for his older brother Thiago to have a new play buddy for Christmas.

  • Sofía Andrea Moreno Bermudo - August 1

    IG / Barbara Bermudo

    With the arrival of Andrea Sofía, journalists Mario Andrés Moreno and Barbara Bermudo can now form a female music group. The newborn makes number three for the couple.

  • Rafael Thomas Baldwin - June 17

    IG / Hilaria Thomas

    Actor Alec Baldwin and wife yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas received with joy the arrival of their first boy, but no one was happier than sister Carmen with the new addition to the family. This picture speaks for itself!


    IG / Christina Bernal

    Michele is the first baby for the couple formed by TV presenter Alan Tacher and actress Christina Bernal. And by looking at this pic, an old saying comes to mind, “Like father like daughter”. They both have the same cute button nose!

  • Matteo Marrero Espinoza - March 11

    IG / Alejandra Espinoza

    Matteo is a very active boy but her mother, TV personality Alejandra Espinoza expected that. Not only did he move incessantly in her tummy.  He was also born weeks before his due date and on top of that, his father is a choreographer. Activity all around!

  • Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - May 2


    Just by the simple fact of being born, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton became the fourth person in line to her country’s throne.  Also, just in case you want to talk about her, you will have to call her HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Not a bad shabby accomplishment for someone who can’t even pronounce her own name yet.

  • Alaïa Costa López - March 4

    IG / Adamari López

    When this gorgeous girl was born, her mother Adamari Lopez announced it to the world with the phrase “We Are All Uncles”. A testament to the fact that the actress is one of the most beloved personalities in showbiz.

  • EAN HORFORD VEGA - February 23

    IG / Amelia Vega Horford

    Big league beauty allied to Major League of sports when the 2003 Miss Universe Amelia Vega and NBA player Al Horford joined in marriage. The result of this lovely union has been Ean, a cute “mini-me” version of his dad.

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