How To Prevent Your Bra From Hurting Your Breasts

Dec 16, 2015
bra fitting guide

Never under estimate the power of proper bra fitting. One of the key pieces of feminine lingerie, the bra, has been helping women of all cup sizes for centuries now. Regardless, to this day, more than 70 % women are still often unaware as to what is their ideal bra size. As a result, most women end up buying smaller sizes than they should, in an attempt to add more firmness to their breasts. But this is all kinds of wrong! Wearing a bra with an inappropriate cup size can ultimately cause injuries to the breast tissue and glands. So check out this easy bra fitting guide to follow when shopping for a new bra.

  1. Cup size

    Despite the fact that there are standard cup sizes, some women still have a hard time trying to find the perfect fit. Bra fitting takes time to find the cup that truly fits your body. Ultimately, the secret to coming across the perfect cup size is to try different kinds of designs on. The right cup size will give your breasts the firmness you’re looking for and even highlight your cleavage.

  2. Kind of fabric

    Does it allow the tissue to breathe? This might seem fairly obvious. But it is actually one of the most important things about proper bra fitting to consider. If the fabric makes your breasts sweat under the bra – resulting in humidity – there’s a big chance that in the long run you could suffer dermatitis.

  3. The bottom edge elastic
    bra fitting guide


    This should not be so tight that it ends up pressing on the breast. A tight bottom elastic band could cause serious illnesses to the mammal glands in the long run.

  4. The upper edge of the bra or décolleté

    This bra fitting guide doesn’t stop with the cups! Check to see if the straps are tight enough to hold your breasts, but loose enough to not give away any signs of constrained skin. The bra straps are there for the sole purpose of holding the structure together. For this reason, it’s wise to find straps that will blend in with your clothes, but are also light on your shoulders.

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