Which Is The Best Pet For Your Kids?

Dec 5, 2015
best pets for kids

Thinking on bringing home a furry companion and wondering about the best pets for kids? Choosing the right pet for your family is no easy task. Every family is different and it has a different set of needs and lifestyle. However, there are some pets that are more kid-friendly than others. Here are the best low maintenance pets for kids.

  1. Dogs


    We all saw it coming, large dogs like Labradors are usually friendly, energetic and lovable. They also encourage kids to go outdoors, so if you have enough space in your house (preferably, with a yard), and enough time to care for the pup, absolutely get a dog.

  2. Cats


    For homes with no yard or less time to care for a pet, cats may be the best pets for kids. They are cute, lovable and usually friendly, although they will scratch if they are pushed too much, so always supervise your children.

  3. Hamsters


    These furry pals are cute as a button and are really low maintenance pets. They only need to have a clean cage and enough food and water, so the kids can learn responsibility. They can be easily socialized with some minutes of play outside the cage a day, but they have short lifespans.

  4. Fish


    Some kids really enjoy watching fish in their tanks, but some kids might get bored. Fish can be great to teach responsibility as they need to be fed and their tanks cleaned. However, they are usually not suited for smaller children, as they might want to take their new friend out of the water (eek!).

Have you chosen the best pet for kids in your family? Good luck!

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