Baby Music Essentials: 10 Songs To Play For Newborn Babies

Dec 10, 2015
baby music

Newborn baby music is also mommy needs to relax music. Developmental psychobiologist at Paris Descartes University in France, Carolyn Granier-Deferre advises, “If mothers want to encourage music appreciation in their children, they can begin after the baby is born, when they can see and know what pleases or annoys, which she will never know from the behavior of her fetus.” In other words, you’ll know what’s a hit and what’s amiss with your new bundle of joy.

Some recent studies have shown that babies can recognize music that they heard in the womb and the familiarity may help to calm them once they’re out in the world. So don’t sweat your newborn music playlist, start with whatever you enjoyed chilling out to when you were pregnant and go from there. Try mixing it up a bit and expose your little one to a wider range of listening experiences. Get inspired by starting your perfect soothing baby music playlist with these 10 tunes.

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