Mastering The Art Of Mascara Is As Easy As 1, 2, Lashes!

Dec 21, 2015

Nothing frames the eyes better than adding layers of mascara like a pro. There are simple tips that can help “revive” your face and look awesome even if you don’t apply anything else to your face. We have gathered the following tips from professional make up artists to help you look your great right now.

  • Shade

    Let’s begin with color. When it comes to makeup, there are no rules. You can opt for blue mascara, and pair it with a turquoise pop of color on the lower lashes. You can also be as natural as you want and opt for a brown toned one. It’s up to you and the day ahead. Just get ready for the stares if you suddenly dare to go all Lady Gaga on your lashes! (And let them stare, chica!)

  • Curl

    If you have short lashes or simply want them to look as long as humanly possible, then curl them up before applying mascara.

  • Twist it up!

    Never let excess air get in touch with your mascara as it will dry it up, and it will come off looking clumpy. Never pump, just slightly twist the wand and remove the particles and clumps you see on the brush before touching your lashes.

  • The beginning

    Place the wand near the roots of your lashes and wiggle it in a zigzag motion to evenly distribute the product and move it towards the tips. Add 2 or 3 coats for a more dramatic effect.

  • Get low

    You don’t want to overdo your lower lashes, so first get rid of any excess of product and brush the wand against a tissue. Slowly begin at the roots of your lashes and turn it in order to coat each lash individually a get a more realistic look. This is key!

  • Brush them up

    If you are obsessed with clumps and cannot leave them laying on your beautiful lashes, then brush them off. No. I mean literally brush them off and enjoy those red carpet looking lashes!

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