9 Reasons Latinas Should Embrace The Idea Of Stay-At-Home Dads

Dec 8, 2015
stay-at-home dads

Stay-at-home dads are becoming increasingly prevalent these days. As fathers/husbands/partners make the decision to put their professional careers on hold to become the primary caregivers to their children, we admit it—we’re doing a happy dance. Why? Because stay-at-home dads free women up to follow their passion and do their thing outside of the home more than ever and ultimately, that’s a wonderful thing.

Now, what are stay-at-home dads exactly? Well, according to the National At-Home Dad Network it’s, “Any father who is the regular primary caregiver of his children, usually while his partner works outside the home as the family’s main breadwinner. Also called a “stay-at-home dad” (SAHD) or “work-at-home dad” (WAHD).” This trend is catching on across the country, but is it catching on in the Latino Community? Not as much as we would hope. Here are 9 reasons why Latinas should think about letting their baby-daddy be stay-at-home fathers.

  • It gives dads a chance to bond with their children

    It’s a sad truth that, historically, the stay-at-home mother would bond with the children faster than the absent, work-all-day-everyday father figure. When fathers stay home, there’s plenty of time for bonding.

  • It allows mom to be the breadwinner and pursue her professional career

    Many women have benefited psychologically and financially from maintaining her job versus taking years off to raise her kids.

  • Your husband can find ways to earn income on the side

    If we can do it, he can too!

  • Your husband can come up with creative money management strategies

    Many of us on staff have stayed home to raise our children while simultaneously nurturing our careers. In the meantime, we’ve had to be creative with budgeting and expenses both for activities with the kids and our business obligations. It may be time to pass that torch, don’t you think?

  • Join a stay-at-home dad support group

    Because the whole notion of stay-at-home dads is on the rise, there are an increasing number of resources for them. The National At-Home Dad Network and SAHD Meetup groups are great places to start.

  • Your husband can be the primary caregiver

    Because, really, there is nothing sexier than your husband being a nurturing father, right? Well, maybe if he’s able to do the dishes and the laundry while simultaneously entertaining the kids. That would be so hot.

  • Dad can be a great role model for the kids.

    If he’s not working, he’s around all the time to model great behavior and positive choices from the male perspective. This is something not many children get to see every day!

  • Being a stay-at-home dad can help your husband become a nicer person

    We’ll believe it when we see it, right? Seriously though, staying home with the kids is a great lesson in perspective and empathy for anyone who does it.

  • You don’t have to worry about trusting your child’s care to stranger

    Trusting childcare providers is scary for any mother, so knowing that day in and day out, your child’s father will be the one taking care of his or her basic needs, is a beautiful thing.

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