12 Trendy Terms Your Teen Is Using That You Might Want To Learn

Dec 19, 2015
teen slang

YOLO! #fungry! Grinding today. Anyone else confused when they hear some of these teen slang words? Now, we can think back to our own teenage years and recall a few choice words (groovy, far-out, dreamy) but nothing that was as befuddling for parents as the hashtag-abbreviated-mashup terms of today. Srsly! The truth is, every generation has slang and it often comes from the youth of a culture expressing themselves and exerting independence.

Since this is the case, we did a little teen slang sleuthing on your behalf and created a primer of 15 trendy modern slang words your teen is using that you might want to learn. We think they’re pretty radical so…party on, dude!

  • Turnt

    Urban Dictionary’s definition: A state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics, also being happy and excited and energetic! And/or having fun. – Do you get this?

  • YOLO

    This is modern teen slang at its best. It stands for ‘You Only Live Once’ and it is usually used as an excuse to do something really stupid.

  • Norm Core

    This is one of those word mash-ups that we can’t decide if we love or hate. It combines “normal” and “hardcore” in reference to the fashion trend, which is really anti-fashion, and describes “normal” wear as an antidote to hipster chic.

  • Rachet

    This is one of the new slang words that’s beyond us. It means rude or grossly obnoxious and we’ve already started using it…when talking about our teens.

  • Fungry

    We though we were cool when we said hangry (so hungry you’re angry) but apparently that wasn’t enough. Now, when the kids are beyond hungry, they’re a mash-up of “f#*cking” and “hungry.” Bless their hearts.

  • WCW

    This is Woman Crush Wednesday on Twitter and Instagram and we love it only because it’s spreading love and positivity between women.

  • This sign: #

    This is called a hashtag (good morning) and it’s used on all social media but especially Twitter and Instagram to group items together. It can also be made into a joke or closing line. For example: #mamicanusehashtagstookids!

  • MOS

    If you’ve seen your teen typing this anywhere, know that he or she is alerting whoever is reading it that you (Mom) are watching (Over Shoulder). It might be time for another chat.

  • PAW

    See above for MOS because this one means ‘Parents Are Watching,’ and just as indicative of something shady going on.

  • Pron

    Porn. They think we’re so dumb, don’t they?

  • CD9

    Code 9 is another one that means parents are around. We hate it when our kids say stuff like this because we know they’re up to no good (or trying to be up to no good) when we’re not around.


    Naked in Front of Computer. We’re just going to leave that one there as a courtesy for you. Fingers crossed you never have to see it. Ever.

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