Tell Us What You Wear and We Will Tell You Who You Are

Nov 22, 2015

Yes! Do you know what your underwear says about you and your personality? In here, you will find the answer to your panties … read along and discover if they match your personality.

  • Cotton Bikini
    what your underwear says about you


    You love laughing more than any other activity, and you make everyone smile around you too. You are a kind, empathetic person; when your friends need advice, they come to you first because they know you’ll be honest but gentle.

  • Boyshorts


    Boyshorts are the girl next door of women’s underwear. You love cuddling. When a friend is in need you are always the first one to offer support. You tend to lose track of time, and sometimes arrive late to your engagements. But your smile is so gorgeous that people easily forgive you.

  • High waisted


    What does your high waisted underwear say about you? Given the choice, you always prefer a good whiskey or cocktail over a glass of beer. You often feel like you were born in the wrong decade. You’d rather live in Old Hollywood style than in today’s crazy pop culture. You have an all-time favorite shade of red lipstick that makes you feel amazing whenever you wear it.

  • Thong


    You’re extremely ambitious. Once you set your eyes on a goal, whether it’s in your career or in your personal life, nothing can keep you from reaching it — even if you have to put up with a little discomfort to get there. You balance this zeal with lots of love for your family and friends, who all think of you as one of the most consistently put-together people they know.

  • Lace


    You try to add a little extra elegance into everything you do. You believe in balancing practicality with style. High heels are your favorite, as long as they are also comfortable.

  • Granny Panties


    Sometimes what your underwear says about you can change with the fashion seasons. Granny painties used to say you don’t believe in being uncomfortable for the sake of style, no matter what. You’ll put on a dress every now and again, but only one that is ultra-comfortable and not too expensive. Now they say you’ll proudly sport them under a daring sheer gown.

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