Pregnant Pampering: Relax, Refresh, Renew

Nov 16, 2015

A happy mami means a happy baby — pregnancy self-care gives your little one a prenatal taste of the good life, and treats you to some much needed relief from growing pains. Set aside the baby books, take a break from planning the nursery and indulge in a few of these simple pleasures. A quick note before the nurturing begins: do some research and check with your doctor before heading to the pregnancy spa.

WebMD is a fantastic resource for ensuring that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy self-care spa day.

Have the spa delivered to you with a Mom 2Be Spa Kit ($60), created by two moms who couldn’t find the posh skincare products they craved during their own pregnancies. Cleanse and exfoliate your face, moisturize your growing belly and relax, surrounded by the soothing fragrance of lavender.

Prevent stretch marks and keep your skin baby smooth and beautifully conditioned without harsh chemicals. Novena Organic Beauty Breast Cream ($22) and Organic Beauty Belly Cream ($26) are completely non-toxic and 100% vegan. And they offer free samples!

Once you’re fully exfoliated, moisturized, and relaxed, slip into an easy pair of super soft, super comfy lounge pants and a roomy tee. Wrap yourself in a cozy pashmina, curl up with a juicy novel of your choice.

Top your afternoon of guilt-free guilty pleasures and pregnancy self-care off with a delicious and healthy smoothie.

Banana-Berry Delight
(To get the best texture, use only frozen berries when making this smoothie.)

1 small banana, peeled
1 Cup frozen berries (strawberries, boysenberries, or mixed)
½ Cup vanilla soy milk
2 Teaspoons lemon juice
½ Cup vanilla frozen yogurt

Nutritional information per serving (12 ounces): 346 calories, 18% fat (7 g), 74% carbohydrate, 9% protein, 7 g fiber, 3 mg iron, 141 mg calcium, 61 mcg folate, 80 mg vitamin C.

If Banana Berry Delight doesn’t strike your fancy, FitPregnancy has plenty more recipes for frozen confections to satisfy and nourish expecting mamis.

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