This Thanksgiving, Host A Crowd With Style & Ease

Nov 24, 2015

Playing host to a family crowd can be an intimidating prospect but these awesome Thanksgiving ideas will make it a breeze. It’s not too late for some advance planning and with a little creativity, you can create your family’s most memorable Thanksgiving yet. Just be careful, do too good of a job and you might just find yourself officially in charge of Thanksgiving every year!


    There’s nothing worse than feeling like an unwanted houseguest. So make your out-of-towners feel welcomed by providing them with plenty of comfort. If you don’t have enough beds and bedrooms, use blow-up mattresses, fluffy pillows and comforters for the sofa. Designate spaces to “corral” sleeping supplies during the day, whether it’s a closet or one bedroom. That way, living spaces can be truly that, and mess will be confined, but available.


    Start a “thankful board” or have each guest fill out a card to read at dinner about things they’re thankful for. has some really great Thanksgiving ideas.

    Family gatherings are a great way to celebrate old traditions and institute new ones. Go informal, and dress in favorite team colors or wear your team’s jersey for the Thanksgiving Day football game. Or how about kicking off the December holiday season at this time? Schedule a family portrait just before dinner is served. Have copies made, and make certain everyone gets one for Christmas.


    Sure, turkey is the main event at Thanksgiving, but this is one meal where you can’t have too many side dishes! Either assign dishes for each group or individual to bring, or let everyone bring a favorite dish. (Just make sure you don’t wind up with duplicates.) Ask for recipes from everyone who supplies a dish, then them into a book and make a copy for everyone. So cute.

Ready, set go!

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