A Perfect Curtain In 4 Easy Steps

Nov 29, 2015

Once you know how to hang curtains beautifully, you’ll be able to transform your house. Historically, one of the elements that gives character to your home are the curtains. Regardless of their objective, materials and location, the curtains must meet certain basic requirements. First, we must consider whether they will be “functional” or purely “decorative”. This will determine the required material and quantity.

  • Functional Curtains
    how to hang curtains


    For a functional curtain, you must take 1.5 times the width of the distance to cover. This ensures that when deployed, the fabric cover the required area without being completely smooth and when not, you are not gathering much bulge.

  • Decorative Drapery


    If however, we’ll use only as decorative support, it can take very little fabric or have up to twice the width of the space where you will install them. It is entirely a matter of personal taste.

  • The Perfect Length


    One key for knowing how to hang curtains is determining the length. It is advisable to end at one-quarter inch above the surface of the floor; however, if you’d rather have your drapery  to drag over the floor, it must be longer than the norm.

  • How To Clean your curtains
    how to hang curtains


    Although nowadays there are many methods to home clean, it is best to entrust this job to a professional. Some fabrics like velvet or brocade should only be subject to steam cleaning and others, like chiffon or silk can be damaged very easily if adequate fluids are not used.

Now that you know how to hang curtains, the most important thing to remember is that curtains are an element of support, and should be drawn or used just as long as you need it. Remember than nothing is as perfect as the sunlight. ¿Don’t you agree?

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