How To Look Slim In Winter Sweaters

Nov 22, 2015

You may feel that layers of shirts, sweaters and vests will add 10 pounds to the look of your already curvy figure. And they could if you don’t dress smart. But despair not, we have brought you these effective strategies that will allow you keep warm without the bulk! Read along and get ready to look gorgeous and stay cozy all winter long.


  • Give a try to fitted sweaters

    Wear a crew neck thin wool sweater. There are versions of them with sewn collar and cuffs which means no bunching. Wear dark jeans to keep the lean line going.


  • Layer smart


    If you must layer, wear a slender sweater and a good quality thermal vest.  Avoid the puffy ones . This way, you will stay warm without looking “inflated”.


  • Make it a dress


    One piece, warm body. Avoid big graphics and stick to solids when in doubt.  Wear them with dark stockings in a monochromatic look and stay cozy all day.

  • Avoid big, chunky turtlenecks


    One of the slimmest part of our bodies is the neck. Wearing a big, chunky sweater with a big chunky turtle neck will undoubtedly add pounds. If you must cover your neck, opt for a lighter version of a sweater (a cashmere blend is ideal for warmth) and a scarf that you can take off once you are inside.

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