Gracias Giving: 7 Ways To Latinize Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 24, 2015
hispanic thanksgiving recipes

This year make it a Latino Thanksgiving! All the bounties and blessings of the year are celebrated with family and friends and food and football. While a turkey dinner is the traditional celebratory meal, it doesn’t have to be. Many Latino families have adopted this U.S. tradition and made it their own with Latino Thanksgiving recipes and flair. According to Univision: “Thanksgiving in a Latino home may still look and feel innately Latino from food and décor to a steady stream of Latino music, dancing and laughter.

The holiday is about celebrating the best of family and friends. It’s a time to give thanks for what the year has brought us. Whether you eat turkey or tamales or Chinese takeout.

  • Pumpkin Empanadas
    hispanic thanksgiving recipes

    Pumpkin Empanadas

    Spicy pumpkin puree and flakey dough make these empanadas a favorite snack anytime. They make a great Thanksgiving side or appetizer.

  • Tostones with Colombian Aji Hot Sauce
    hispanic thanksgiving recipes

    Tostones con Salsa de Aji

    Here’s an easy way to make it a Latino Thanksgiving feast. Swap traditional mashed potatoes for these scrumptious, spicy tostones.

  • Chorizo & Cornbread Stuffing
    hispanic thanksgiving recipes

    Chorizo and Cornbread Stuffing

    What better way to blend cultures and traditions than using stuffing your turkey Latin-style?

  • Coconut Flan
    hispanic thanksgiving recipes

    Flan de Coco

    Move over pumpkin pie and make room for this yummy treat. Coconut flan is a lighter, airier way to top off your big meal. It’s simply delicioso!

  • Turkey Tamales with Guajillo-Cranberry Mole
    hispanic thanksgiving recipes

    Turkey Tamales

    This turkey tamale dish is of our favorite Latino Thanksgiving recipes out there. Leftover turkey is perfect for stuffing tamales and the guajillo-cranberry mole is genius.

  • Mofongo Turkey Stuffing
    hispanic thanksgiving recipes

    Mofongo Turkey Stuffing

    A little taste of the Caribbean comes to your table with this, one of the most delish Latin Thanksgiving recipes. Use it to stuff the turkey or just serve it as a side dish.

  • Pan de Jamón (Ham Bread)

    Pan de Jamón

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