5 Tips To Manage Your Stress During The Holidays

Nov 18, 2015

Holiday stress management is a huge challenge for most of us. Having the in-laws coming over, the abuela, and your teen’s new girlfriend from out of town add just “a little bit” (not!) of stress over the already hectic calendar.

There are certain things you can do to step out of your old frantic histérica routine and create a more stress-free this holiday season. Here are five simple strategies for stress relief.

  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities

    Even if you are the holiday hostess, delegation is vital for holiday stress management. Create a list of responsibilities and then assign them to other family members. And yes, maybe your mom (abuela) can actually feel she is being helpful.  These tasks can include gift wrapping, envelope licking, decorating, cooking and cleaning, or picking up your aunt from the airport. Make sure to let your relatives know their “assigned” task ahead of time with a warm phone call and convey the idea that you want to everyone to enjoy themselves and contribute.

  • Do as much shopping online as possible

    This not only saves you time but it allows you to shop at night in your pajamas with a warm cup of tea. You save the energy that it takes to deal with mobs of shoppers at the stores, and you don’t have to drag the bags through the mall. Nowadays, most e-commerce sites offer great deals and even free shipping.

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