Goth Heart: 9 Fashion Trends We Learned From Morticia Addams

Oct 28, 2015
Morticia Addams style

Notoriously blasé Morticia Addams from cult classic The Addams Family has reached goth style icon over the years. From Zac Posen to Rick Owens, we’ve seen more than a few celebs and designers do it Morticia Addams style.

We all recall Jolie’s early looks on the red carpet that were clearly influenced by Ms. Addams’ goth fashion. As TIME Arts Editor Jessica Winter so eloquently summed up her 2000 Oscars look: “The consensus was that Jolie came dressed as Morticia Addams, but Morticia Addams showed more cleavage and didn’t canoodle with her brother.” Here are 10 fashion trends we can all borrow from Morticia Addams.

  • Dark, Dramatic Nails

    Morticia Addams style is sexy, dramatic, and (assuming you’re into it) easy to emulate. Especially for fall, a dark manicure (or pedicure if you’re feeling less goth) is perfectly glam.

  • A Center Part

    Morticia sported a dramatic center part. Not everyone can pull it off but give it a shot, you never know. If it works, it could become your next go-to look.

  • Slinky Floor-Length Gown

    The girl rocked those curves with low cut, body skimming, black gowns. You can do it too! Think a redefined little black dress with even more sex appeal and sass.

  • Wine Lips

    Morticia’s goth fashion was all about simmering drama so be inspired by her and go with a deep, wine lip. You can either keep the rest of your face natural or go high-drama retro with winged out liquid eye liner.

  • Long, Black Hair

    Break out the straightening iron and get to work, after coloring your hair the blackest black you can find, that is. Even if you can’t pull off the center part above, your skin tone might be flattered by super dark locks, and at the end of the day everyone looks great with perfectly straightened, shiny hair.

  • Smoldering Eyes

    Grab that kohl eyeliner and get to work smudging it out. The ultimate smoky eye today is a cross between Morticia’s black-smudged lids and the heroine chic look of runways of yesteryear. Go nuts with black, gray, navy or plum, and luxurious lashes for days are a must.

  • Contouring Like Crazy

    Perhaps Kim Kardashian is doing it Morticia Addams style…contoured cheekbones are so hot right now.

  • Black is the New Black

    Black will always be classic, sexy and sophisticated. Don’t try to change it up if you’re already rockin’ the black like the goth goddess you are.

  • Ultimate Sexy Goth Chick

    Why not go Morticia Addams style from head to toe and sport a full on sexy goth style? This look is a bit of a callback to our youth with black studded accessories, leather and lace but we’re loving that it’s bold, daring and super hot.

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