Becoming Your Best Friend Is Easier Than You Think

Oct 30, 2015

If there’s one thing every human being on earth needs right now, it’s how to be your own best friend. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how many accomplishments you have, and how many times your family and friends tell you how awesome you are, there’s still that little doubtful voice that doesn’t allow you to completely give in. To fall deep in love with the most important person in the universe. That’s you, baby, you can learn how to be your own best friend!

There’s one incredible question that makes my point quite clear. ‘If you could, would you date yourself? Would you be your friend?’ If you answer negatively then you need to start working on the things that are stopping you from accepting and loving yourself. You see, it isn’t just about looks. It’s about inner confidence. Your self-esteem is directly affected by your inner confidence and sense of self-worth. It isn’t just about looking like a model, having the best car and a perfect clean cut family portrait hanging on the walls.

Nowadays, more and more people are fighting to get rid of the stigma, labels and silly misconceptions we had about beauty, life, success and all the things that pressure us into nit picking our flaws. Don’t let magazines and the media tell you how to live your life. Find peace at accepting your flaws, working on the ones you need to get rid of, and falling in love with the beautiful person you are. I myself work on this everyday. Take your time, and explore yourself. Trust yourself, and change the tune of that inner voice that needs to be positive. If you don’t feel it yet, then fake it ‘till you make it girl! Learning how to be your own best friend will be worth it.



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