How To Know If You’re Suffering A Miscarriage

Oct 30, 2015

Do you know what some of the most common miscarriage symptoms are? Have you experienced any suspicious bleeding during the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy? Don’t rush to Google just yet. Take a deep breath and wait for a few days. If the bleeding persists, then call the doctor. And if you’re suffering from the following miscarriage signs on a regular basis, take a look and see if the reason why you’re bleeding is actually related to a miscarriage.

  1. Vaginal discharge

    During pregnancy, it’s normal to experience different kinds of fluid discharges. But if you’ve been releasing heavy blood clots or gushes of fluids, these may be miscarriage symptoms. If possible, it’s advised that you collect a sample of your urine to show the doctor and have him or her examine it in order to get a more accurate picture of what is happening.

  2. Cramps

    These nasty pains should only raise eyebrows if they hurt even more than menstrual cramps or if they’re located on one side of your belly. Monitor your cramps. If they start to get really bad, schedule an appointment with your physician.

  3. Spotting

    Beware of heavy blood flows. These are one of the first miscarriage signs. However, if the spotting has just begun recently, don’t panic. Simply head to your doctor and have it checked.

  4. Back pain

    As weeks turn into months, moms usually get used to their backs holding a great deal of weight. But if you have been experiencing an unusual pain in your back accompanied by constant bleeding, that’s not good news. Those could be miscarriage symptoms. Check with your OB/GYN, just in case.

  5. A negative pregnancy test result immediately after a positive one

    First-time mamis sometimes feel the need to run the pregnancy test several times. If after getting a positive result, you run the test again and you get a negative, you could be suffering a miscarriage. Schedule an appointment with your ob-gyn immediately.

  6. Nausea

    As nausea is one of the most common things to feel during the first weeks of pregnancy, you should be concerned when out of the blue you wake up and you’re perfectly fine. Even more so, if the sudden ease is accompanied by other well-known symptoms –bleeding, spotting or intense back pain- you should go to the doctor immediately. While it is possible your hormones are finally stabilizing, it’s always good to check.

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