Are Older Children Smarter Than Their Siblings?

Oct 30, 2015

Are birth order and intelligence related? As parents, we never admit out loud when one of our children is brighter or better at different things than their siblings are. After all, we’re all special and amazing in our own ways. But why does it seem that older children are usually better, more accomplished and smarter than their younger siblings?

It turns out, this might not be just a coincidence, as recent studies on birth order and intelligence show that first born children are subjected to different expectations and pressures parents put on them since early age. First born children have higher IQs and are more accomplished because their parents have spent extra time assisting in homework, preparing them for life, practicing, and demanding results.

After all, two young adults learned how to be parents after having their first child, so they had no clue how much pressure was ‘too much’. Parents spend more time making sure their child is on the right path, well taken care of and passes every class with flying colors, because they have no way to know if what they’re doing is enough for their child to be successful.

Birth order and intelligence depend less on nature and more on how parents treat younger siblings. Along comes a second child, and they realize they can let go and be more ‘lax’ when it comes to school and self projection. The same can be said for the smaller children in the clan. Being a strict or academically pushy parent does have its positive results, as those children ended up with a bright future and high performance at school. As long as children are happy and healthy, it is always nice to see them doing so well.

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