Best Dressed Celeb Kids

Oct 29, 2015

Like their parents, celebrity kids are super stylish from day one. Kids’ fashion runs the gamut from the gaudy pageantry of Toddlers & Tiaras to a plain white onesie. Much like their parents, celebrity kids are blessed with fabulous DNA and the luxury of a million-dollar wardrobe. All of these adorable budding fashionistas are clearly destined to follow in their parents’ very well-dressed footsteps.

  1. Honor Warren

    Honor has a way with accessories and has a great collection of lightweight scarves. Her low-key style is a perfect combination of ladylike dresses and comfy hoodies and jeans. Sound familiar? Mom, Jessica Alba is undoubtedly a fabulous fashion influence.

  2. Harlow Madden

    Harlow shares her mother Nicole Richie’s laid back style. She has a great collection of chunky cardigans and girly dresses. Her toddler look is feminine without frou frou (with the exception of an occasional tutu).

  3. Suri Cruise

    The princess of celebrity kids, Suri is certainly one of the most photographed and scrutinized 5 year-olds on the planet. She was even rated higher than Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker on Glamour Magazine UK’s annual best-dressed poll (voted on by readers). The young Miss Cruise is often seen in tiny heels with gorgeous coats and dresses that most adults would give an arm and a leg to wear.

  4. Willow Smith

    Willow is a pop star to the core. She has a tween’s dream wardrobe and the innate flair to carry it off flawlessly. Whip My Hair was the girl power anthem of 2011.

  5. Violet Affleck

    Violet is often refreshingly disheveled. She wears ‘regular’ kids’ clothes in mismatched prints and bold colors—especially pink. Her wardrobe is exuberant, rough-and-tumble, and utterly charming.

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