Becoming An Adult Is More Than A Process

Oct 30, 2015

Ah! Adulthood! Life! It’s beautiful, exciting, worth living, but oh so tough. We tend to make plans thinking of this perfect future where we finally graduate and become adults. But when do you become an adult? Some people still think that you reach a certain age and, voila! You magically turn into a grown up responsible adult. But that will never happen. Well, it might for some people. And that’s the beauty of being a human being. We are not all the same, and one size certainly does not fit all. So why would maturing and growing up feel exactly the same for everyone? Adulthood is much more complex than that.

How many times have you seen that 30 year old man behaving like a teenager, or that pre-teen that is so modest, sober and responsible that people deem ‘he’s too wise for his own age’? Age is nothing but a number. The road to maturity and adulthood depends on context, and personal experience. It’s so subjective that your internal process and behavioral patterns will be completely different to those of your sister, best friend or partner, so while you may still be on the road of becoming an adult at 20, your sister might be finishing the process at 45.

Life is quite similar for everyone, but the way we navigate through these instances and how we approach the situations and teaching moments we encounter is what determines our maturity level. So, you could very well say that the more you get out there, and experience life, the more you will know. After all, life is not a race. You don’t have to be mature and grown up at the age of 40 unless you feel that way naturally. Unless you want to change it. Don’t rush yourself. You got the rest of your life to evolve and grow up. Enjoy the moment.

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