8 Ways To Prevent Teen Drug Addiction

Oct 30, 2015

Teen drug abuse is a fact of life. Drugs are a lot easier to access these days than they were a decade ago. That’s why we need to focus on prevention now more than ever. Prevention is always better than getting treatment. Here are some helpful tips to prevent teen drug addiction so get started and have the ‘other talk’ with your teenage kids.

  • Get informed about the negative consequences of drugs

    This is the key if you want your child to take you seriously. Don’t just threaten them out of consuming. The consequences of drug addiction include memory loss, eating disorders and, ultimately, death. Explain these to your child and be dead serious about it.

  • Random drug tests

    Kids can be especially reluctant about this when they’re approaching the teen years. But a drug test is the best way —and the only way in some cases — for parents to know whether teen drug abuse is something they need to worry about.

  • Learn how to tell when your kid is on something

    While some symptoms of teen drug abuse are more evident than others, it is very important for you to educate yourself on this matter. Pay attention to unusual behavior. When in doubt, run a drug test.

  • Be there

    Knowing what your child is doing at all times of the day is not enough. Your kid needs to know you truly care. Show some genuine interest in their favorite pastimes. Go to games, share some quality time with them. Dare to be a friend when they need it.

  • What are they hiding?

    Although it isn’t as common, some kids start consuming drugs because they’re hiding a very painful secret. It could be abuse — sexual, verbal, or physical. So keep your eyes open.

  • Build a strong character in your child

    Perhaps one of the most important jobs of a parent is to help their kid stand strong in the face of temptation. A strong character and the right information will keep your child safe.

  • Never, ever, do drugs in front of your kids

    Keep in mind you are your child’s hero up until their early teen years. The last thing you want is to send them a double message.

  • Be supportive

    Acknowledge your kid’s talents and abilities. Let them know that you love how special they are. They need to feel you are pleased with them.

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