5 Ways A Puppy Is Better Than A Teenager

Oct 29, 2015

Puppies are the best! Sure, kids are great. They’re our progeny, our promise of a better tomorrow, our hope for the future, our lifelong joy. But they’re also our lifelong pain in the ass, expensive, ungrateful and unpredictable. And when they’re teenagers? Fuggedaboutit!!! So if you’re trying to decide between having a baby or adopting a puppy, remember, that baby will one day be a teenager. That puppy will one day be an old, loveable, loyal dog. So here’s the case for puppies:

  • This puppy will never slam a door in your face and scream, “I hate you!”

  • Puppies will never ask to borrow the car keys, and then make your insurance rates skyrocket after a series of fender-benders.

  • Puppies will never pretend they don’t know you at the shopping mall, even when you’re their ride home.

  • Puppies will never flunk out of the first semester at an expensive private college, and then say it’s somehow all your fault.

  • This puppy will never smoke pot in your basement with his friends and then lie about it when confronted.

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