Paws To Think: 14 Reasons Why It’s Time For Your Family To Get A Dog

Oct 29, 2015

As if you really need reasons to get a dog. Say your little Jimmy has been begging for a dog for months. Maybe Sally gets all worked up every time she passes that pet store in town. October was Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and if you’re toying with the idea of including a canine in your family, you should definitely consider a rescue dog. Not only would a dog make your kids happy, but there are benefits for you as well. According to the, “Pets can help us relax and focus our attention away from our problems and worries.” But before you rush into dog adoption there are a few factors to keep in mind.

You may have no control over what breeds are available when you decide to visit the shelter, but you must first consider your current family and housing situation before adopting a pet. If you live in a small space, perhaps a smaller breed (or mix) is better for you. If your children are small, terrier and herding dogs are great alternatives. If you are not very active or outdoorsy, a high-energy breed would not be the right fit you. Choosing the right dog is important because it’s a decision you are making for the rest of their lives. Adopting a dog has no do-over’s—that kind of thinking is how they ended up in shelters in the first place. Here are 14 reasons to get a dog.

  • Safe Makers

    One of the greatest reasons to get a dog is that they are natural security guards. A dog is a protector of his home and family, he’ll deter intruders and his bark is a great alarm system.

  • Unconditional Love

    The love and unquestioned loyalty that your whole family will receive from your dog has no bounds. Even though many of us are fortunate to have love from other humans, a dog is never too busy to show it. Gentle petting, a belly scratch, even routine feeding will set off the love button on your pup.

  • Accountability Makers

    For most kids and some adults, caring for a dog is a lesson in responsibility. This other life that we must nurture, feed, walk and love becomes another family member. Dogs require regular health check-ups, bathing, brushing, feeding and daily walking, kids can take on some of these responsibilities to the benefit of both the dog and themselves.

  • Compassion Generators

    One of the reasons to get a dog is that it teaches you and your children compassion and caring. And your dog will return it times ten. There are individualsout there who dedicate much of their free time to rescuing pets who are in distress. By adopting a shelter dog, you are saving a life and giving a loving home to a canine companion who will be forever grateful.

  • No Judgments

    Anyone who is tired of being judged by friends and strangers should get a dog. Fido never will: you can eat ice cream from the carton, walk around with your hair all messed up, and even have a good cry. But beware, because that last one will get you cuddles and licks.

  • Rescue Mission

    The most obvious and selfless reason to adopt a dog is because you would be saving a life. Eventually, many shelters euthanize dogs because of illness or lack of space. It’s as if shelter dogs know this—when you save one of them, the gratitude and devotion you get back is immeasurable. If you opt for dog adoption, you will teach your kids about animal rescue. A child will never forget the feeling of saving a dog from a cage and bringing him home to love and raise.

  • Mojo Risers

    You should get a dog for overall wellbeing.  Adopting a dog will make you feel good in every way, from giving you companionship, to lowering your cholesterol and triglycerides, to allowing you to care for and love another creature.

  • Pals for Life

    The old cliché about man’s best friend is a cliché for a reason. One of the top reasons to get a dog is that they are excellent companions and extremely loyal to their adopted families.

  • Pride Makers

    Just like you point out your kid on the soccer field to the other parents, when your dog does something cute at the park, you can beam with pride. You’ll love answering questions about your pup’s breed, sex, and age, to admirers that you pass on the street.

  • Exercise Prompters

    Having a dog means at least two walks a day, so chances are that when you adopt a dog you’ll also be increasing the amount of exercise the entire family gets.

  • Good Listeners

    Dogs are good listeners and can help your teen talk out emotions or your elementary-aged child improve her reading skills by reading aloud to a non-judgmental audience.

  • Health Makers

    Research shows that kids who grow up with dogs tend to be healthier. They demonstrate lower incidences of asthma and allergies than their peers without pets.

  • Social Skill Builders

    Dogs can help kids develop social skills and raise their self-esteem. Even impulse control is sharpened by interacting with dogs and research shows that dogs can be therapeutic companions for children with autism.

  • Closeness Makers

    By giving everyone a common focus and a common love, dogs bring families closer. In terms of sibling bonding, a dog can be especially positive for achieving closeness through mutual feelings and goals.

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