10 Outfits Every Working Mami Needs

Oct 30, 2015

If you’re a working mom like me, maintaining a fabulosa work wardrobe is one of the greatest challenges after keeping your kids safe. But this is actually possible! Just take a look at these items — simple, yet stylish; classic and timeless wardrobe essentials to make your outfit stand out.

  1. Blazer
    work wardrobe


    This is the LBD (Little Black Dress) for working mamis. The perfect transition work wardrobe item, that’ll make you look sophisticated at any time, in any place. It is an instant style maker.

  2. Dress Shirt
    work wardrobe

    Ann Taylor

    Comfortable and quite slimming for just about any body shape, the dress shirt is one of the top wardrobe essentials. Especially recommendable for mamis who won’t sit still.

  3. Cashmere Crewneck sweater

    Ralph Lauren

    The perfect addition to your work wardrobe for the days when the cool breeze gives you chills. Plus, layer it with just about anything or wear it plain and simple, and let your hair down. Comfort and fashion are a match made in heaven.

  4. Wrap coat


    There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a coat. And this is a romance that will naturally showcase your waist, and can be worn for any kind of event. I adore them, even living in a hot and humid town like Miami.

  5. Pencil Skirt

    Pencil Skirt

    One of the most feminine items of all time, the pencil skirt is a signature look for working moms — always in style, and ever classy ladies. A must!

  6. Structured tote


    Low and behold the ultimate working mom purse — big enough to fit all the essentials plus an extra pair of shoes, yet simple and made of faux leather to add class to your hectic lifestyle, without harming any animals in the way. I call mine: The Mary Poppins handbag. Why? You know why… you can find anything in there!

  7. Pointed skimmer


    Just as easy to slip into, the pointed-toe flat is a sophisticated shoe with a timeless comfy design.

  8. Printed blouse

    Ann Taylor

    Slip into this one for a special presentation, pair it with a golden or silver statement necklace, and voila! Pair it up with a neutral blazer that will help your look stand out.

  9. Long wrap (poncho)

    Marie Claire

    One of the perks of office hours is the indoor temperature. Be stylish and stay healthy at the same time with a poncho that is both soft and warm. Fashion finally meets health and well-being with this item.

  10. Comfortable Pumps


    Yes, there is such thing as comfortable pumps. The trick is to invest in a brand that really embraces the shape of your feet. So you need to do a little research until you find that fit that will allow you to wear them all day long. If you add a little platform, much better!

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