Tuning Up: 10 Reasons Why Music Should Begin & End Your Baby’s Day

Oct 27, 2015

Maybe you already knew why playing baby music is beneficial. While you may have to give a little more thought to lyrics and to the type of vibe you want to set in your nursery, music for babies is an excellent tool for setting a tone, stimulating growth and maturity, as well building bridges of communication. While it is true that your baby may not be able to speak to you, through music, as composer Leonard Bernstein said, “We can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable.”

Classical is widely regarded as an excellent genre for your baby whose brain will be surprisingly tickled by the complexity and mathematical progression. Anything that is rhythmic — from salsa to hip hop to bluegrass — will help your baby learn to move to the beat. Of course, there are also beautiful, traditional children’s songs that parents love to pass on from one generation to the next, including lullabies to help the little guy sleep. These next 10 reasons will convince you that playing baby music morning and night makes the perfect bookends to the day.

  • Because it Helps Foster Routine

    Playing music for baby will help you establish a schedule. As part of teaching your newborn the distinction between day and night, you can play upbeat, rhythmic music during the active daylight hours and soft instrumental lullabies at night to help her sleep.

  • Because it’s Like School Before School

    By involving both hemispheres of the brain, music involves the whole organ and stimulates both the language learning and production center as well as the math reasoning and problem-solving side.

  • Because it Enhances Memory

    Playing baby music helps memorization because it serves as a mnemonic aid. Learning the lyrics to a song starts to train the brain to read.

  • Because it Energizes

    Play dance music and boogie! Twirling around the room with your little one will help her to learn rhythm and get both of your hearts pumping, which will lead to better and more restful sleep later.

  • Because it Engenders Closeness

    Playing music together will help you bond to your baby, whether by singing to him, dancing with him or simply enjoying tunes with him.

  • Because it Sets a Tone

    Lift up everyone’s mood in the morning. If either you or your baby have the tendency to wake up cranky, the right kind of sunny music can help turn that around.

  • Because it’s Calming

    Music that is soft and carries a slow tempo will help your baby unwind at night. Try playing the same song or playlist every night for a period time so it will be a cue to your baby that it’s time to sleep.

  • Because Cuing the Classics is Fun

    Teach your child classics like “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” These standards will be part of his circle time routine at school one day and by then he will recognize them and likely get a big kick out of already knowing the words.

  • Because You are the First DJ They Have

    Play your favorite tunes for your baby. It is never too early to begin a customized rock and roll (or reggae, or jazz) education.

  • Because Like Mother Like Baby

    For you have always known how good it is for you to begin and end your days with music, and what’s good for you is also ultimately great baby music. Happy listening.

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