Nifty At Fifty: 10 Great 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Oct 29, 2015
50th Birthday Gift Ideas

It seems like a doozie coming up with 50th birthday gift ideas. Whether it’s your friend, significant other or family member, turning 50 is kind of a big deal. It’s one of the most significant milestone birthdays for the simple reason that it’s truly the transition between the first and second half of your life. This is why we think the celebration surrounding turning 50 should be one to remember.

From the presents to the people present, this one needs to be done right. That said, 50th birthday gift ideas are kind of hard to pin down. That middle age group is hard to shop for and there are multiple reasons why. First of all, individuals at and around the age of 50 usually have enough disposable income to buy what they want and need, and they do! In addition, they know themselves well enough to embrace their interests and often purchase whatever is necessary to dive into their passions. What are we left with? Not a whole lot… It’s for this reason that we put together this list of ten cool gift ideas for a 50th birthday.

  • A Little Self-Care

    Pamper your friend or loved one with a break from their daily life in the form of a gift card for a massage or other self-care service they enjoy. Sure, they could buy it for themselves but, if they’re like most of us, they probably don’t often enough.

  • Golf Lessons

    If they’re still in search of a hobby or physical activity to do on the weekend (since running can get tough on older joints), consider gifting them some golf lessons. Too stereotypical for you? Sign yourself and your friend up for a Hot Yoga or Mountain Biking class instead of staying on the green. Either way, the gift of wellness—in the form of physical activity—is an among the best 50th birthday gift ideas out there.

  • Your Charity

    Know your loved one’s favorite cause and make a donation in their name. If that’s not your thing, consider signing the two of you up to volunteer together and then be sure to bring enough cupcakes for everyone to share whether you’re at the animal shelter or the soup kitchen.

  • Do Something Crazy

    We’re told that 50 is the new 40 and if that’s so, now’s the time to grab your 50 year old friend and go for a skydive or a backpacking adventure across the Grand Canyon. Go for something gutsy to challenge yourselves and your relationship with one another. You’ll end up closer and have a memory to last you both a lifetime.

  • Write it Out

    No doubt, your love means more than any gift you could give to your friend who’s turning 50. Consider buying some beautiful stationery and writing a letter that details your relationship and how much this milestone means to you for the one you love.

  • Something Silly

    For your 50-year-old family member with a sense of humor, consider a care package of “old people supplies” for both a laugh, a little fun poking and practical purposes too, of course. A year’s supply of prune juice and garlic supplements anyone?

  • A Getaway

    With or without you, getting out of town is great for the soul, no matter the age. 50 often brings a sense of introspection and self-examination so it might be the perfect time to send your BFF away by herself for a long weekend on the beach or in the mountains.

  • A Book

    Speaking of introspection, a well-made, high quality journal might be just the thing to help your friend who’s struggling with the Big 5-0. Think she might need more guidance on her journey? Consider a biography or memoir from someone “over the hill” who’s still making waves, feeling great and changing the world. Shirley Maclaine comes to mind but Coco Chanel will do, too.

  • Time With You

    What’s your friend’s favorite thing to do with you? Just because she’s turning 50 doesn’t mean she still won’t love to do that but, as we all know, as time passes we only get busier. Set aside that quality time now by purchasing tickets to that art show you know she’ll love or making a reservation at her favorite restaurant and then soak up some quality time together in celebration of her.

  • A Dream Come True

    Now this one is going to take some planning and creativity but think about your loved one’s dreams. Did he once long to sail the ocean? Was she dreaming of a career on Broadway? Perhaps he wanted nothing more than to be a chef in a fancy restaurant. Figure out a way to make that dream come true. Arrange for her to take the stage at Karaoke night and sing a number from her favorite musical, sign him up for a sailing adventure or chat with your local haute cuisine eatery about allowing a guest in the kitchen for an hour. Your love, dedication and creativity in this one will not be unrewarded.

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