Tricks To Help A Teenager Build Confidence

Jan 4, 2017
  1. 3. Have an open conversation

    You can’t just have ‘the talk’ about sex with them, and have it be over. It’s a continuing conversation that should pop up and be spoken openly in order to be able to discuss important matters as freely as they show up. If your teenage child doesn’t feel comfortable even mumbling the word ‘sex’, don’t expect they will come running to you when there’s a big issue at hand. Building self-confidence requires a relationship of open dialogue. Don’t judge.

  2. 4. Support their interests
    building self-esteem in teens

    Nothing healthier than a parent being up to date with the trends your teenagers feel identified with. Find out why they like doing what they do, and attend practice, recitals and events to show them you got their backs.

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