Prosecco, Champagne Or Cava: Bubbly Explained

Nov 9, 2016
  1. 3. Prosecco

    Another of the common types of sparkling wine is prosecco, which comes from the Veneto region in the Northeast part of Italy. Typically this drink is made from the prosecco grape (that’s easy enough to remember), but sometimes a glera grape is used. While champagne goes through a second fermentation process in the bottle from which it is made and served, with prosecco (similar to cava) the “secondary fermentation takes place in a stainless steel tank, a process known as the Charmat method.”

    As far as the bubbles you’ll find in prosecco, it is typically a little less fizzy and a little lighter than champagne. Beyond that, Stephanie Miskew, certified sommelier, wine educator and proprietor of The Wine Atelier, explains that “prosecco is generally characterized by notes of green apples, citrus and white flowers that are usually light and delicate and not exceedingly complex.” Champagne has added complexity due to the second fermentation process in its bottle.

    If that seems like a lot of information to process and you’re still not totally clear on the differences between these three types of sparkling wine, this easy-to-follow chart from Vine Pair might help. And when in doubt, drink what you like. Don’t get caught up in what is trendy, and instead focus on what bubbly tastes good to you, fill up your cup, and enjoy!

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