Breast Implants Out, Butts Lifts In: 10 Most Popular Plastic Surgeries & Their Pros And Cons

Oct 7, 2016

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you may be wondering where your cosmetic procedure ranks in popularity. Whether it be Breast Implants or Butt Lift, overall plastic surgeries have risen 115 percent since the start of the decade. Yet he types of procedures patients are choosing are changing. Liposuction and breast implants remain the most commonly requested surgeries, but possibly not for too long. According to research, butt lifts resembling Jennifer Lopez and Kim K are all the rage, spiking a whopping 86% since last year. Dr. Douglas Steinbrech of Manhattan’s Gotham Plastic Surgery couldn’t agree more, “Breasts are out, butts are in.”

While you may not be shocked that less fat, bigger boobs and a plumper butt are big winners in 2016, there are some new procedures that may surprise you. Enter the “selfie neck”. That’s right. The selfie obsession is leading more people to seek plastic surgery, according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani explains further, “Since selfies are often shot from below, the neck looks either fatter or saggier from that angle.”

Whatever the procedure, it’s clear that people can’t get enough of improving their appearance through surgery. So whether you’re considering sucking out those stubborn last few pounds or seeking a more booty-licious bod, read on for the year’s most popular plastic surgery procedures and the pros and cons that come with each them.

  • Butt Lifts And Implants

    Pros: Aside from an hourglass figure that butt lifts and implants aim to provide, the procedures themselves are pretty straightforward, have an easy recovery and yield good results. Keep in mind though, not all booty procedures are created equal.

    • Butt Implants (also called gluteal implants) are a prosthesis that can be implanted to add volume to the buttocks, best for achieving a more dramatic look.
    • The Butt Lift (in which fat from another part of your body is transferred and injected it into your butt) uses very small incisions, so you won’t be left with scars. The fat is also inserted carefully in different layers so you will end up with a more uniform and natural look, exactly like it’s your own butt fat and because it doesn’t involve implants, there’s no risk of a bumpy or uneven looking bottom.

    Cons: While it sounds easy enough to attain the butt of your dreams, is our obsession with the beloved booty here to stay? All trends come and go, so it’s safe to wonder what would happen if the big booty look falls to the wayside. Or even worse, what if your booty implant exposes you for the waif that you are by rupturing in your jeans?! Another thing to consider is that the fat survival rate in butt lifts is pretty unpredictable. Studies show that only about 50-80% of the fat transferred will survive and remain on the buttocks. “For a procedure such as the Brazilian Butt Lift, the patient will need to have some excess fat in order to have a successful procedure”, says certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Gregory Wiener. So if you err on the thin side, be prepared for the possibility of a booty fail.

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