The Fundamentals For A Good Beauty Sleep

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Have you gotten your beauty sleep? From here out, if you snooze, you definitely won’t lose.

You might not feel sexy while you sleep, with drool and serious bed hair, but sleeping makes you sexy — there’s no better solution than some serious beauty rest.

With these five tips, you’ll beautify your body from head to toe without even lifting a finger:

  • Treat

    Wake up younger with DNA/EGF’s Night Renewal, a rich bedtime lotion that prevents wrinkles and spots, and also leaves your skin radiant, firm and hydrated. Sleep is necessary for building new skin cells, and skin regeneration is more active at night — DNA Night Renewal maximizes your sleep cycle’s repair activity, restoring the youth of your skin.

  • Position

    After moisturizing, don’t lay your head just anywhere to rest—in fact, mushing our faces into our favorite pillows causes wrinkles from repeatedly folding our skin in the same places. But fear not, the sleep Gods are here to introduce Pillo1: Made from breathable, comfortable Talalay Latex foam, this pillow prodigy features a lightweight, ultra-soft covering that’s clinically proven to improve your beauty sleep quality—bid your bags and red eyes goodbye!

  • Hydrate

    This summer the soaperstars of van der Hagen debuted the latest collection of luxurious suds, a line of Gentle Glycerin Soap Bars. Glycerin products hydrate and soften skin while also aiding the healing processes of wounds. Our complexion most effectively utilizes active ingredients when our bodies aren’t performing other functions, so unwind with a relaxing shower or bath before bed, and rinse with Gentle Glycerin Soap soak up the benefits.

  • Soften

    The controversy of wearing socks to bed seems to be a forever-lingering mystery insolvable even by Sherlock Holmes. But, it’s clinically proven that socks while you sleep prevent feet from cracking, fungi and infections. Socks lock in moisturizer for smooth feet, but don’t just rock any sock. Foot Cardigan is a silly sock-subscription that turns your feet into fashionistas, and every month you’ll have a new pair in your collection.

  • No Frizzies

    Bed hair can be a nightmare, to say the least. With Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener, you can battle the beast overnight. Not only will you strengthen your hair, but also wake up from your beauty rest with soft, manageable locks.

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