Five-Minute Guide For Stylish Stay-At-Home Moms

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There should be more beauty tips for busy moms! Struggling to find enough time, money and energy is a common problem for some stay-at-home moms — and let’s not even mention how our self-esteem can take a nose dive when we don’t get out of the house often enough. While motherhood doesn’t necessarily equate frumpiness, one of the biggest challenges facing stay-at-home moms is being able feel pretty or sexy when you’ve had a stressful week of crying kids, a broken washing machine and piles of dirty clothes waiting for you. Sound familiar?

As a new mom (and work-at-home mom, so double trouble!), we can understand why we might feel selfish taking a few precious moments to ourselves. Yet just five minutes a day of self-pampering can work wonders on your appearance and mood. Check out these easy beauty tips for busy moms to step up their style game guilt-free!


    You may often find myself sporting messy buns or frizzy ponytails, which to be honest aren’t the best looks for any woman. To make things easier, add a pretty touch to your hair, like a headscarf or decorative barrette. You’ll feel instantly more pulled together!

    Got more time? Simply wash your hair, and then curl sections with a 1½ or 2 -inch curling iron. You won’t get beachy waves or corkscrew curls — instead, this kind of tool will deliver voluminous hair as if you used a hair dryer… and you can do it in minutes! Try: Rusk Heat Freak Curling Iron 1½ inch ($80); Goody Hair Pins (assorted prices).


    Self-tanning can be time consuming and complicated if you haven’t done it before, but there’s nothing more uplifting than a little color here and there. This is one of the best beauty hacks for busy moms. If you have five minutes to spare after your shower, mix body oil with liquid or powder bronzer and apply. Your skin will look luminous, soft and healthy.

    Got more time? Nowadays you can find bronzing lotions that provide incredible results. Shave or wax your legs first, then apply some in a circular motion. As these lotions aren’t self-tanners, they will wash off with soap and water. Try: Tarte Rainforest Glow Waterproof Tinted Body Perfector ($39); MAC Lustre Drop ($22); Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté ($66).


    Even if you rely on multitasking beauty products, you won’t be able to spend hours doing your makeup until the kids have gone off to college. So, you have to carefully choose the cosmetics you put on in order to look well-rested. A great option? Cream blush! A dab of color in the apple of your cheeks can take some sleepless nights off your face.

    Got more time? Learn how to contour, Mami! This isn’t just for Kim Kardashian — though even celebs need style tips for busy moms — mere mortals can take advantage of contouring, as your face will look brighter, slimmer and lifted. To do it in minutes, you’ll need sponges instead of brushes and three key products: bronzer, highlighter and blush. Follow your natural face shape to makeup accordingly—we don’t want drag queens in broad daylight! Try: e.l.f. Studio Cream Blush ($3); It Cosmetics Live Love Laugh Vitality Face Disc ($38); BeautyBlender (One unit: $20 A double pack is $28.95.)


    Chipped nails are a no-no for moms. If you don’t have time for anything else, slather on hand cream as if it were your job. Pay close attention to cuticles and buff your nails to remove any stain.

    Got more time? Two words: nail stickers. These have been a staple forever! There is another alternative for stay-at-home moms too—gel manicures. Although you need to spend at least an hour to do it, it will certainly be worth it! Gel manicures can last up to three weeks, making you feel “done up” every time you look at your hands. Try: L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Lingerie ($9.50); Jamberry Nails ($15); Mally Beauty 24/7 Gel Polish System ($165).


    It’s no secret that pajamas are the archenemy of moms. If you work from home or just dedicate your time to your children and husband, this is one of the most important beauty tips for busy moms. Make an effort to ditch the PJs as soon as you get up. A simple wardrobe of yoga pants, loose t-shirts, flowy skirts or summery dresses are easy to wear and won’t make you look — or feel — sloppy.

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