Nude Hair Is The Season’s Freshest Color Trend!

Jun 8, 2016

Nude hair is the fresh, understated color trend that’s making the rounds on the red carpet this summer. Named for its use of neutral color tones, this new hair craze is a refreshingly easy approach to going blonde – and it’s a trend that actually suits every skin tone and hair type!

If you’ve contemplated the thought of going blonde but have been too afraid to all out bleach, nude hair is the perfect ‘stepping stone’ color. Thanks to the subtle mix of hues, you can easily take the tones a few steps warmer or cooler. Meri Kate O’Connor – senior colorist at Eva Scrivo Salons – explained it to Good Housekeeping: “There’s an even amount of both warm and cool tones, which cancel each other out to create a neutral color.

Because the neutral tone is so versatile with different complexions it makes it super easy to pull off and it’s also easy to change, as you can tone down or amp up brassiness – taking your hair from more golden to ashier or vice versa. The other great thing about nude hair is how easily it’s altered – you can maintain the hair shade, but switch from golden hues to an ashy tone without much effort, while still achieving a stunning statement.

So next time you go to the salon, ask if they can give you a nude look and enjoy a summer of natural blonde fun!

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