5 Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

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Spices in disarray, lost Tupperware lids, cooking utensils scattered randomly in a drawer… we’ve all been there. A well organized kitchen not only can save you time but makes cooking a whole lot easier and fun. Here’s a roundup of 5 kitchen organization smart tips:

  • Lazy Susan


    This isn’t your mom’s version. Utilize this tried and true kitchen favorite in your fridge for all those smaller bottles and jars. Save time digging through the back of the fridge searching for those kalamatas. Spin away and let them come to you.

  • Shoe organizers


    Unconventional? Sure. However, this clever tool makes a great snack holder for little ones. Hang on the back of a kitchen pantry door and voila! An accessible and affordable solution for those messy, opened chip bags.

  • Spice Magnets


    Store spices in glass-topped labeled metal containers and hang on a mounted magnetic board inside a cabinet door or above the stove. Not only a pretty way to display colorful spices, but also a hassle free way to find that paprika in a pinch!

  • Tupperware Rack


    Do your Tupperware lids disappear like socks in the dryer? Recycle that wire CD holder from the 90’s by storing it in a drawer or cabinet. Perfect way to store lids alongside their stacked counterparts. Your leftovers will thank you.

  • Utensil Storage


    Turns out that there’s a reason for those holes at the end of your spatulas! Take advantage of that empty wall space above your counter and hang your frequently used cooking utensils with the help of a metal rod and some S hooks. A huge time saver while cooking and it also frees up always needed extra counter space.

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