Looking For A New Job? Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

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You love Instagraming and tweeting, but did you know that what you share on your social media could damage you professionally? According to careerbuilder.com, about half of employers who research prospective hires have decided not to hire someone based on something they’ve found online. If you’ve created the perfect resume and still can’t seem to catch a break, maybe it’s time to take a look at your social media accounts for these red flags.

  1. Inappropriate Pics

    This should be a no-brainer, yet there’s still plenty of stories about people missing out on a job opportunity because their photos show them carrying on in some unseemly behavior. Something that seems cute or funny to you and your friends might not play as well with your potential employer. Err on the side of caution and forgo those sexy selfies.

  2. If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say…

    Putting your complaints out there for the world to see is never a good look, especially when you have something to say about your old job, boss or co-workers. A future potential employer may see it and decide that you’re not worth hiring since you’ve badmouthed your employers in the past. If you complain on Facebook about your current job, you’ll probably complain on Facebook about your next one, too.

  3. Stirring The Pot

    Advertising your political or religious beliefs online is practically par for the course these days, but these types of posts can backfire when it comes to your career. After all, if something seems offensive to your potential employer, chances are you’ll be passed up. Even something that you don’t automatically view as controversial can skew someone’s impression of you.

  4. Crude Comments

    This one seems quite logical but sometimes when even trying to be comical, you may go a little too far from what you should have. Remarks that are tasteless can make you appear rude or insensitive – not exactly the qualities employers are looking for. Avoid posting offensive comments, even if they’re meant as a joke.

When used wisely, social media presence can be a great tool when it comes to your job hunt. Before you hit “post” again, keep these tips in mind to help you to stand out from competition.

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