Hopeful Dating Facts For Single Mamis

mm Love April 16, 2016 by
single mom dating

For many single moms, the thought of dating a guy produces a frown so big on their foreheads that only 20 units of Botox could erase. And the truth is, it can get scary and hopeless when you hear about those horror dating stories from your friends’ friends.

But, it is also true that not all stories are horrific and many actually have happy endings. With this happy thought in mind, we have gathered 5 facts that are actually happening out there, right now:

  • Guys are still picking up the check

    If you like the old-fashioned style of man, this is making your smile. However, if you insist, you can go dutch or cover the check yourself. But think of this: if you are paying for the baby sitter, why not let him cover the check?

  • Guys without kids date women with kids

    Smart men (which is what you are looking for, right?) will look at you as a whole, multifaceted person, not just through the lens of one role. Some guys may even admire you more for being a parent!

  • Not all men want to date a woman 10 years younger

    It is true. There are men out there that also want a contemporary lady who they can connect with instead of babysitting a new girlfriend.

  • Mom: you are still very hot!

    Yes, guys will look at your other assets too: spiritual, professional and physical treats.

  • Your kid won't be traumatized

    If you do it smartly, your kid may actually feel happier and safer when they see a happier mom around them. Make sure to go slow, avoid PDA’s (public displays of affection) in front of your children and always keep the ‘friendship’ mindset when referring to your new man.

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