Easy Money Saving Habits Worth Trying

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You don’t have to make drastic lifestyle changes to improve your bank balance. Try these quick and easy tips and start saving today. From shopping smart to saving on gas, we’ve got simple ways to save more money, fast.

  1. Skip The Barista


    If you hit your favorite coffee chain daily, you could be spending over $120 a month on your caffeine fix! Try becoming your own barista, it’ll be lighter on your wallet and give you the opportunity to experiment with these fun coffee creations.

  2. Carpool


    The average commuter drops more than $1,000 on gas each year just driving to and from work. Carpooling with a friendly coworker not only cuts gas costs but also saves on car maintenance and highway tolls.

  3. Strategic Shopping


    Smart grocery shopping habits are a great way to save some dough. Organize a weekly meal plan and steer clear of impulse buys by sticking to a shopping list. Buy seasonal and locally grown produce or start a veggie garden of your own!

  4. Change Is Good


    Most of us don’t keep track of those loose nickels and dimes any more, but keeping track of your spare change can save you plenty in the long run. By putting your excess daily change into a jar, you’re preventing frivolous spending.

  5. Pack Your Lunch


    Buying lunch at work every day can get expensive. Even if you eat out on the cheap, you’re spending up to $160 per month. Taking your own lunch consisting of leftovers or specific lunch items can really save you a lot of money over time. Revamp the brown bag lunch with these cute lunchboxes!

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