New Slang That Will Keep The Tea Exceptional

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Slang is a perpetual whirlwind of creativity among our teens. They are constantly breaking new ground with artistic expressions of their lives and the life around them (including us). It’s impossible to be in a hip nightclub, or at a cutting edge art gallery, without the latest slang flying around like confetti.  Well, wonder no more: We hope this article will help you get savvy to the newest slang that’s popular right now.

  • "Tea"

    “Tea” is today’s new word for “scoop” – not the drink anymore. Use this word if you’re trying to gossip about someone or offer up the latest news to your friends.

  • "OTP"

    “OTP” stands for “One True Pairing.” It’s  used when you really want two people – usually fictional characters, but you can use it for real people too – to end up together. Example: “Jack and Rose from Titanic are my OTP!”

  • "Extra"

    Someone who’s being “extra” is being really excessive about something. Basically, it encompasses anything trying too hard to do something – from makeup looks to behavior.

  • "Snatched"

    “Snatched” is the newest version of “on fleek.” If something looks super good, it’s “snatched.”

  • "Ship"

    This one ties into “OTP” above, and it doesn’t have anything to do with UPS. It’s short for “relationship” and used as a verb or a noun. For example, Jack and Rose from Titanic make up a “ship,” and if you’re totally devastated by the end of the movie and wish they ended up together, you’d say, “I ship them!”

  • "Hunty"

    A “hunty” is either your best friend or your closest friend group. You should check it out on Urban Dictionary, since some of the meanings are less than friendly!

  • "Stan"

    If you “stan” someone, you support them wholeheartedly – you’re their biggest, most hardcore fan. “Stanning” can also be used.

  • "Netflix and chill"

    Inviting someone over for “Netflix and chill” means there won’t be any actual Netflix involved in your evening… it’s code for hooking up. Similarly, you can substitute “Netflix” for just about anything else to the same effect.

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