Embracing Singlehood (And Loving It!)

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Being single can sometimes feel like a total drag, especially if you really like being in a relationship. But let’s flip that thought and try to understand that there are actually positives to this break in your love life. If you can learn to look at your singleness from the right perspective, you might be surprised at how happy, fulfilled, and empowered you might feel. And this will help you bring even more to the table whenever you enter your next relationship. Check out these tips on how to embrace, enjoy and thrive while being single!

  1. Focus on you

    A major plus of being single is that you can use this time to focus on yourself. What have you always really wanted to do? Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, taking a dream vacation, or checking out that trendy restaurant, go ahead and do it! Spend time enriching yourself. You’ll find it really rewarding.

  2. Accept that you're not dating

    When you’re single, it seems like everyone’s favorite question is, “Are you seeing anyone?” It can often be hard to say “No” and watch their faces fall. But you’ll start to find peace when you realize that most of the time, the people asking you if you’re dating do not ask with ill intentions. Don’t let this pressure you and only date when you’re ready! You’ll be better off in the long run and happier in your next relationship if you get involved with someone once you feel ready.

  3. Discover who you are

    If you’ve spent a long time in a relationship, it might feel like second nature for you to plan your life around your significant other. You make decisions together, choose movies together, choose how to spend the day, and so on.

    When you’re single, you can make those decisions – even the smallest ones – for yourself. During this time you get to be fully in charge of your own life: Discover when you’re happiest, be spontaneous, and don’t worry about anyone else. This process of self-discovery can be invigorating and give your life new meaning!

  4. Find self-confidence

    Of course, being in a relationship has its upsides… for one thing, you get to split the chores. You can rely on the support of someone else when you need it, whether it’s a flat tire, moving furniture, taking care of the kids, or a myriad other daily tasks.

    But even though you’re single, you can still accomplish all of these things on your own! You might have a crisis situation that’ll bring you down, but from there you can start to build yourself up again. Realize you have the strength to accomplish anything once you put your mind to it. Build up your confidence as you begin to accomplish these tasks, and you’ll be a more self-assured person as a result.

  5. Remember, you're enough

    Relationships can be very validating. They offer you a partner who supports you, reminds you that you’re loved, and gives you purpose. But the truth is, you are worthy enough on your own. As rewarding as it is to have someone else say it, being single offers you the opportunity to find out the truth of this for yourself. Experts suggest that if you learn to affirm your own worth and value, you’ll love yourself all the more.

    Take steps to understanding your self-worth, like becoming more mindful, practicing good self-care, setting boundaries, forgiving yourself and living with purpose. You’ll find they can give you a whole new appreciation of you.

  6. Enjoy the moment

    Your single life may seem like it’s going to last forever. You might start to despair that you’ll never find someone new, never find fulfillment in your love life. Remember that it doesn’t have to happen right now. Live in the moment and remind yourself that you’ve got the rest of your life!

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