Mind Your Manners: 4 Pointers For Proper Selfie Stick Etiquette

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As selfie sticks unexpectedly sweep the planet by becoming the newest and most controversial accessory, you might be wondering: is there such a thing as selfie stick etiquette? Can you use a selfie stick wrong? The answer is: Definitely! Read on for some selfie stick “don’t”s – the people around you will thank you, and you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary awkwardness while taking fabulous pics politely.

  • Avoid crowds

    The mosh pit at your dream concert or a packed city square you visit on vacation may seem like the ideal places to break out your selfie stick for maximum memories. Don’t do it! If you’re at a concert, you’ll block other patrons from being able to see the performers, and if you’re in a crowd, you’ll risk jostling someone or hurting yourself.

  • Location rules

    It’s not surprising that some museums and public spaces (like American Airlines Arena in Miami) have banned selfie sticks altogether. There really are some places where it’s inappropriate to use them. Make sure you’re observing the rules wherever you are; that epic selfie isn’t worth the trouble!

  • Don't block the sidewalk

    So you’ve found the best possible spot for your selfie… and it happens to be in the middle of the sidewalk. Feel free to take the pic, but remember to be considerate and not hold up other passersby. Be mindful of what’s going on around you so others are less likely to run into you! Think about NYC Times Square on a Friday night…

  • Share!

    Since selfie sticks aren’t very expensive, it’s easy enough to pay it forward. Try making the experience more communal than personal by leaving one at an often-photographed location. Think of it as a random act of kindness.

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