How To Tell If Wine Has Gone Bad

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does wine go bad

We don’t need to tell you how great wine is but does wine go bad? We know it’s a delicious beverage that also has some interesting health benefits and goes great with some cheese at the end of the day. Count us in! However, not everyone finishes a bottle of wine as soon as it’s opened. Which is probably a good thing. But do you know how to tell if wine is bad?

As a general rule, a bottle that has been opened for more than a week is probably past its prime. This doesn’t mean that you can’t drink it, but you probably won’t enjoy it as much. Some really strong wines like Port can hold their flavor for longer, though, so you should look for signs of oxidation.

When the wine starts to change color, turning brown, that’s a sign that it started oxidizing. Kind of how apples turn brown if you cut them open and leave them outside. This is in no way dangerous to drink, but it will taste sour, depending on how oxidized it is. If it leaves a film in the bottle or it looks cloudy, that’s a sign that there are microbes working their magic inside the bottle. Some wines are cloudy by design, but if it was clear and it changed, the flavor probably changed too. Finally, some wines go through a second fermentation when left in an open bottle. You will be able to tell that’s the case if there are bubbles in your wine and you definitely won’t need to ask, Does wine go bad?

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