5 Things To Do The Weekend Your Ex Is Getting Married

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So you’ve just found out the ex you’re still hung up on is getting married… this weekend. Naturally, you probably feel pretty low. It can be really tempting to cozy up with a tub of ice cream and that Netflix show you’ve always wanted to binge-watch. But trust us—there are more exciting ways to deal with an ex getting married! Check out these five suggestions.

  • Plan a fun weekend

    Instead of focusing on how weird it is that your ex is getting hitched, distract yourself by doing something fun. You can go on a solo trip, try something new you’ve always wanted to try, or just treat yourself a little. You deserve it! You will make new memories, you’ll be too busy to dwell on the past, and—best of all—you’ll be actively enriching yourself with a fresh experience.

  • Get support from friends

    Absence often makes the heart grow fonder, and an ex getting married is the perfect excuse to start dredging up “What ifs?” that will just make you miserable in the long run. This is the opposite of how you want to spend your weekend! Go to your friends if you’re really having difficulty looking on the bright side. As outside observers, they’ll be able to tell you exactly why you and your ex are no longer together, and why it never would have been sunshine and roses if you’d stuck it out.

  • Accept your feelings

    Ultimately, no one—not even this article—can tell you how to feel about your ex getting married. You will expend way too much negative energy trying to do the impossible and change how you feel to suit somebody else’s ideal. It is okay to be sad, mad, relieved, miserable, or anything in between. When you accept your emotions on the subject, you’ll find it easier to let go and move on. Be kind to yourself this weekend.

  • Don't obsess over social media

    Social media makes it way too easy to know your ex’s every move, but that doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to you or your mental health to obsessively check his feed for new pictures of his happiness. Trust us – it’s better to stay away. Having photographic proof that a wedding is happening will just make you feel worse, especially if you have nothing going on in the love department.

  • Love yourself

    Remember… the fact that your ex is getting married is no reflection on you! There are most likely good reasons why you’re not the one walking down the aisle, so don’t be hard on yourself. If you’re single, your married ex isn’t an indication that you’re going to be single forever. Treat yourself with respect and realize that someone new will come along. Don’t use this as a reason to justify any doubts you might have about yourself. Instead, focus on your positive qualities and love yourself as much as you can.

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