Super Bowl Recipes: Score A Touchdown During The Big Game

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Super Bowl recipes Sports-Cake-Pops

February 7 marks a day when the passion for sports ignites in homes across the U.S. and beyond! Whether your winning team is in the finals or you are simply waiting for the halftime show, these Super Bowl recipes have you covered to entertain your guests during the big game. Prepare easy and delicious recipes with fan-favorite Latin flavors like spicy chipotle, zesty cilantro and tangy mango.

Below are a few ideas for appetizers to give the football fans in your family a feast that sets the bar for the big game. Sharing is caring, so set up your table family-style and get ready to become the family M-V-P.

  1. Spicy Cilantro Chicken Wings

    Nothing says football food more than chicken wings and this spicy version will surely be a big kick during the game.

  2. Avocado And Mango Salad

    Don’t just serve up snack foods, adding this delicious salad to the mix will make it healthy too.

  3. Sports Cake Pops
    Super Bowl recipes Sports-Cake-Pops

    These cake pops will give the game a sweet ending and add a thematic touch to the spread.

Recipes and photos courtesy Vivemejor

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