5 Ways To Feel Sexy As A Mom With Small Kids

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how to be a sexy mom

When you’ve got young children sometimes you need someone to tell you how to be a sexy mom. Some people say that there’s nothing sexier than giving birth and experiencing the incredible changes your body goes through  in the months after you finally give birth to your bundle of joy. Well, that is not the case for some of us. But just because you’re going through those changes doesn’t mean you can’t rebuild your self-esteem and learn how to be a sexy mom.

  • Move it like you mean it

    Yoga, Zumba, speed walking, or roller skating. It’s your body, your rules, and you need to find a workout that is both incredibly fun, and motivates you to keep being active. Strengthening your muscles and toning up will give you the most incredible self-esteem boost in the world.

  • Grooming gets you moving

    Never forget to keep yourself on fleek, like the younger kids say. You don’t need to be on point 24/7, but finding a hairstyle that makes you look like you just got your hair done, doing your nails, and wearing the latest shade of Mac lipstick will naturally make you feel gorgeous and sexy.

  • Not just a mom

    You’re also a woman, and you have the right to feel secure in your own body no matter what shape or size you’ve got. Curvy, flat, skinny or lean, everybody is beautiful. You just need to realize that beauty is a state of mind.

  • Get rid of old jammies

    Okay, so wearing your father’s baggy clothes from 1998 you still call pajamas might be comfortable but that’s absolutely not how to be a sexy mom. Don’t tell us you feel like a sexy babe in them. Get rid of them! We know you’re going to say you will, and then keep them anyway, so just don’t. Victoria’s Secret’s flannel pajamas are rocking sexy and girly.

  • Oh, and please stop it!

    Stop wearing those old granny underpants. No, they don’t look good on anyone. Get your beautiful mommy butt to the mall and find some decent and sensual bras and undies that give you that confidence you were looking for.

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